Dita Von Teese, Photo: Mary Ellen Mark


Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you enjoy the photographs if for only that you like rabbits and excellent photography.  :)


Un petit lapin, Shanghai 2002, Photo: Marc Riboud

Photo: Robert Doisneau

Vintage photograph of woman with bunny on leash, Photographer Unknown (I like this as seen together with the Doisneau photograph above. Curating is fun.)

Photo: Tim Walker

Photo: Albert Watson

Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth

Photo: Helmut Newton

Photo: Valentin Perrin

Candice Bergen at Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball 1966, Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Andy Warhol and Catherine Deneuve, Photo: Jean-Jacques Bugat

Photo: Robert Doisneau

Mitchell Leisen and Marlene Dietrich, Photographer Unknown

Little girl with rabbit, Portugal 1953, Photo: Jean Dieuzaide

Christina Ricci, Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

Photographer Unknown

Daphne Groeneveld, Photo: Lachlan Bailey

Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth

Photo: Sergi Pons

Japanese photographer, Michiko Kon, constructs sculptures with perishable ingredients like flowers and food, and photographs them the same day before it expires.

NYC Rockettes as Bunnies, 1970 Photographer Unknown, Courtesy of AP Photos

French vintage photograph of Woodland Rabbit, Photographer Unknown

Photo: Elliot Ross

I love this Elliot Ross photograph – obviously, I appreciate all of these photographs or I wouldn’t have posted them :) – but, this in particular is so peaceful a photograph.  A perfect ending to the post given the position of the rabbit, but most of all I feel this radiates warmth, grace, beauty, gentleness, a certain quietness, dreaminess, and that which is transcendental.   I know that is a lot of adjectives for one very simple photograph!


Next up – Easter eggs?


Photo: Tommy Ingberg


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