Salt of the Earth Trailer

I finally got to see the documentary film chronicling Sebastião Salgado’s work and his life.  Some photographs were not familiar to me, but also illuminating, the stories behind them.  Some will break your heart.  Some photographs are disturbing, but all show a truth that exists that we need to see and act on, but most often, never see.  His images are indelible – at times overwhelming, other times awe-inspiring.  You see the strength of the human spirit and the struggle, the horrors.  There is a love story here, too – his wife – their collaboration – her devotion despite his long absences as she raised their children alone.  It all is remarkable … An amazing photographer, a genuine humanitarian.


Bushmen, Botswana,  2008






Thailand, 1987



There is plenty to see and learn whether on-line or through his books and exhibitions.  Here is yet just another glimpse from a previous post.

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