This could go on forever … I didn’t include vintage photographs, at least not Victorian ones or the ones with no photo credits … and I didn’t include vintage pin-up either because everywhere I looked they again had no photo credits.  I didn’t post much from old Hollywood, however, in terms of photographer unknown, I’m posting one here of Veronica Lake just because she is so wildly stunning, as is the photograph.  The following appear in no particular order … too tired/lazy to curate.  :)

Photo: Ellen von Unwerth

Photo: Berenice Abbott

Photo: Sergi Pons

Photo: Bud Fraker (of Paulette Goddard)

Photo: Bunny Yeager

Photo: Diane Arbus

Photo Elliott Erwitt

elliott erwitt halloween

Photo: Elliott Erwitt

emily gualdoni halloween

Photo: Emily Gualdoni

Photo: Eugenio Recuenco

Photo: Emily Gualdon

Photo: Helmut Newton

Photo: Inge Morath

Photo: Lado Alexi

Photo: Weegee

Photo: Henri Jacques Lartigue

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

Photo: Richard Avedon

Photo: Richard Avedon

Photo: Tim Walker

Photo: Tim Walker

Photographer Unknown (of Veronica Lake)

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