Henri Cartier Bresson – Armenia USSR, 1972 © Henri Cartier Bresson

This is one of the most beautiful books you will ever see.  I’m using the Amazon link because it shows images of the front cover, the back cover and there is an illustration that shows in scale the size of this book if you were to hold it.  It is glorious!  If you are a tactile person, you will love this.  Compact and perfectly proportioned, pearl-like texture dust jacket.  The size must be the same proportion as a full frame 35mm image.  The cover photograph is a b/w, shot as a b/w versus post-production.  Everything about this book is pretty and I haven’t even gotten to critiquing the photographs yet.


There are no words for these photographs….well, maybe….Exquisite.  Moving.  Compelling.  Breathtaking, Poignant.  Inspiring.  And, the editing is excellent.


This is a treasure.


Magnum Landscape, with Foreward by Ian Jeffrey; published by Phaidon


Photo of book jacket (not to be confused with photo on the cover): http://www.photoburrito.com/art/not-your-great-great-grandfathers-landscape/

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