Sophia Loren (self portrait?)

These are not selfies!


They are self-portraits, with the exception that some are just photographs of photographers with cameras – or wait, actually some are just photographs of people in general with cameras.


There are also instances where the camera is just a prop.


Can a photographer direct another person how to do a shot of the photographer and have the photographer still call it a self-portrait?  Or must it be from the purist’s point of view in that a self-portrait is a matter of using a cable release, a self-timer, or a mirror or some sort of reflecting surface.  (I’ve done them all!)


Some artists are known for their self-portraits – like Cindy Sherman.

Untitled 96

Untitled #96, Cindy Sherman, 1981 … the self portrait that fetched $3.89 million


$3.89 million


I have done tons of self-portraits – whole portfolios of them ………… none of mine sold for $3.89 million.  In fact, none sold at all.


This would be such a better post if I identified every camera in every shot.  But, I didn’t.


This is a very long post even with editing.  It is an infinite subject …………….

I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to comment!

Self Portrait, Jan Saudek

Self Portrait, NY, 1978, Arthur Elgort

Self Portrait, Paris, 1981, Helmut Newton (with his wife, June, a/k/a Alice Springs, and models)

Self Portrait, Yousuf Karsh

Self Portrait, Noell Oszaid

Self Portrait, “The Invisible Man, Harlem”, New York, 1952, Gordon Parks

Self Portrait, Irving Penn

Self Portrait, Jeanloup Sieff

Self Portrait (for the Lavazza Calendar), 2012, Mark Seliger

Self Portrait (for the Lavazza Calendar), 2012, Thierry Le Gouès

Self Portrait, 1932, Man Ray

Self Portrait, 1927, André Kertész

Self Portrait with Marilyn Monroe, Bert Stern

Self Portrait, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

Self Portrait, Robert Doisneau

Self Portrait, Charles “Teenie” Harris (prolific photographer for 40 years with the Pittsburgh Courier)

Self Portrait, Monument Valley, Utah, 1958, Ansel Adams

Self Portrait, 1950, Weegee

Self Portrait, 1950s, Bunny Yeager

Self Portrait, Bunny Yeager

Self Portrait, Paris, 1937, Erwin Blumenfeld

Self Portrait, 1965, Ezra Stoller

Alfred Eisenstaedt (Photographer Unknown – unsure if self-portrait)

Photo of Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus, Photo: Roz Kelly

La petite Monique, 1934, Photo: Robert Doisneau

James Dean with a Rolleiflex, Photo: Roy Schatt

The Supremes (Photographer Unknown)

We all bought cameras in Japan and became sweaty photographers - Robert Plant

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page (Photographer Unknown)

Stevie Nicks (Photographer Unknown)


Drew Barrymore (Photographer Unknown)

Elizabeth Taylor (Photographer Unknown)

Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly with a Hasselblad (Photographer Unknown)

George Harrison with a Nikon F, Kodak Retina I, and Rolleiflex (Photographer Unknown)

Richard Avedon, 1966, Photo: Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Debbie Harry (Photographer Unknown)

Jacqueline “Jackie” (Bouvier) Kennedy Onassis (Photographer Unknown)

Queen Elizabeth (Photographer Unknown)

Sharon Stone, Photo: Michel Comte

Angelina Jolie, Photo: Alexei Hay

Mick Jagger (Photographer Unknown)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Photo: Jane Brown

Sebastião Salgado (Photographer Unknown)

Kate Moss with a Holga (Photographer Unknown)

Brad Pitt (Photographer Unknown)

Marilyn Monroe, Photo: Bert Stern

Michael Jackson (Photographer Unknown)

Sean Connery photographing Brigitte Bardot, Photo: Terry O’Neill

Robert Capa, Segovia Front, Spain, 1937, Photo: Gerda Taro

Magnum photographers

Magnum Photographers (Photographer Unknown)

Probably my favorite of them all, this vintage photograph of a little boy with his camera (Photographer Unknown)



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3 thoughts on “These are not selfies!

  1. These are great. My personal favorite is Noell Oszaid’s Self Portrait, I assume it is photoshopped (if not I would certainly like to know more about it). I also appreciate the distinction between selfies and self-portraits. Selfies mostly seem to have that short-armed, heavily narcissistic, indulgent and slightly out of touch style. Coincidentally, I shot a self portrait (very unusual for me), just a few days before I read this blog, and was actually pleased with it.

  2. Thank you, Sandy! I agree – your assessment of “selfie” has the right adjectives. But, even with a self-portrait, I suppose it might have that narcissistic motivation, but sometimes it is just to document yourself in the way you see yourself, sometimes for posterity (do that all the time) and sometimes because you simply have no model and have to step in. :)

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