This subject is infinite!  There will always be powerful, witty, funny, tender, iconic … and so on … photographs of dogs now, historically, and going forward.  Most of the photographs I selected for this post are images created by legendary photographers.  They are not the cute pet pictures we see on social media and believe me, I love those, too and post millions of them myself.  I think you’ll agree – these images here are of a whole different, um, breed.

Bull Dogs Photo:  Elliott Erwitt

Bull Dogs
Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Blaze Starr in Her Living Room, July 1964 Photo:  Diane Arbus

Blaze Starr in her living room, July 1964 Photo: Diane Arbus

Birmingham, England, 1991 Photo:  Elliott Erwitt

Birmingham, England, 1991
Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Photo: Jill Freedman

Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Woman & Afghan Photo:  Richard Avedon

Woman & Afghan
Photo: Richard Avedon

Photo: Helmut Newton

Paris, 1953 Photo: Édouard Boubat

Sheepdog Photo: Jill Freedman

Photo: Jill Freedman

Photo: Jill Freedman

Photo: Jill Freedman

Photo: Garry Winogrand

Leaping Lurcher, 1973 Photo: Fay Godwin

Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Photo: Norman Parkinson

Photo: Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt / Kehrer Verlag

Photo: Bruce Weber

Trevor & Billy, Adirondacks Photo: Bruce Weber

East Hampton, NY Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Photo: Sarah Moon

Neuilly, France, 1952 Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Photo: André Kertész

Photo: Elliott Erwitt

1946 Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Photo: Arthur Elgort for Vogue

Military Dogs in Action Photo: Simon N. Ricketts

Shadows Photo: André Kertész

2000 Photo: Albert Watson

Photo: Elliott Erwitt

Hammacher-Schlemm Swiss Watch Gold Dog Collar, 1953 Photo: Yale Joel

(Photographer Unknown)

The Louvre, Paris, 1969 Photo: Robert Doisneau

Photo: Robert Doisneau

Paris Photo: Joel Meyerowitz

Performing Dogs, National Circus of Vietnam, 1994 Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

Simone avec Lily et Zett, Avril 1913 Photo: Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Kate Moss Photo: Herb Ritts for Vogue

Cindy Crawford Photo: Helmut Newton

Cindy Crawford Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

Photo: Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Photo: Jill Freedman

Marilyn Monroe (Photographer Unknown)

Photo: Jill Freedman

9-month-old William Kerbe, grandson of city police Sgt. William Kerbe, shares his playpen with Kirke, a police dog, 1959 Photo: Richard Stacks for the Baltimore Sun

Photo: André Kertész

Harlem, 1943 Photo: Gordon Parks

Woman, Dog, & Balenciaga Hat, 1954 Photo: Henry Clarke

Brazil, 1990 Photo: Elliott Erwitt

What I love about this shot above, is what looks to be that of the male/female dynamic and conceivable attraction that is apparent between the two dogs and between the two people.  Or, it could be construed as a dichotomy – the blatant display, one dog pursing the other, and on the other hand, a complete separation between the two people – the game of hard-to-get.  Who knows … there are a few ways you can look at this photograph, but regardless and per the usual, Elliott Erwitt is a brilliant observer.


British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 Photo: Herbert Ponting

Amundsen’s Favorite Dogs, Fix and Lassesin; Amundsen’s Expedition at the South Pole (Photographer Unknown)

Photo: Tim Flach

Photo: Tim Flach

Lucas with his service dog, Juno, a Belgian Malinois (Photographer Unknown)

Lucas with his service dog, Juno, a Belgian Malinois – You can read the beautiful and touching story (re:  photograph above) here:  Experts Said it Wouldn’t Work, But Rescue Dog and Dying 4-year-old Proved Them Wrong


Photo: Christopher Gibbs

(Photographer Unknown)


While I most definitely do not consider myself in the league of some of these greats, I am a real dog person and thought I would add just a few of my own photographs that might fall under the category of reportage, portraiture or art.

Boy with his Chihuahua, Hoboken, NJ Photo: Kritina Lee Knief

Scottish Deerhound and Brussels Griffon Photo: Kritina Lee Knief

Dog Sleeping on Dock, Caye Caulker, Belize Photo: Kritina Lee Knief

Just Another Line at the Post Office, Caye Caulker, Belize Photo: Kritina Lee Knief


Comments encouraged and feel free to comment with a photograph of your dog, a random dog, or an image you think should have been included in this post.  (There are far too many to include, of course!)


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